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Achieve Silky & Shiny Hair in 6 Simple Steps

Silky smooth and shiny hair is a sign of healthy locks, but after unhealthy styling, sun exposure, coloring, and any other disruption your hair might lose its’ natural shine. Also, there are few mistakes in your daily routine that may cause you tangled and frizzy hair. The good news is that with a help of proper products and new healthy habits you can make silky shiny hair at home. If you are dealing with dull, frizzy, tangled hair follow these 6 simple steps to achieve silky shiny hair.

1. Use Shampoo Properly

Most of us are making this simple mistake while shampooing, we pile all the hair up on our head and wash down the entire length. This common mistake creates tangles and most importantly dries out the very ends of your hair which already lacks moisture the most, especially if you have curly hair . After rinsing your hair with warm water gently massage shampoo into the roots and do not wash all the way to the ends, especially if you have long hair. Also, try to extend the time between washes to not dry your locks out.

2. Choose Products with Keratin

Keratin is a type of protein that is in your hair, skin, and nails, it protects from scratching or tearing. Products that contain hydrolyzed keratin are necessary for restoring strength in damaged hair. T-LAB Professional offers Kera Shot Shampoo and Kera Shot Leave-In-Cream infused with not only hydrolyzed keratin but also hydrolyzed collagen and stem cells.

3. Brush Carefully

That detangling noise when you brush your hair is actually a bad sign of your hair being ripped and damaged instead of making the outside layer (cuticle) of your hair smooth and soft. When dealing with still wet hair carefully use a comb instead of a brush or get yourself a brush designed for use on wet hair. Use your regular brush only when hair is completely dry, slowly start detangling locks at the ends and work your way up to the roots. If you seek easier combing and brushing try Sapphire Energy Bio-Active Mist that nourishes hair and provides strength, smoothness, and elasticity.

4. Learn to Blow Dry

First and foremost, invest in a proper blow-dryer and do not ignore special attachments to it, they are there to use them. But it is not just about a tool you use rather than how you use it. Make sure you are holding a blow-dryer about 15 cm from your head, start at the roots moving towards ends following the direction of a cuticle. Continuous brush movements while blow-drying will assure a smooth and shiny finish on your hair. At the very end lock your style in place and close the cuticle with a blast of cold air. To protect your hair from heat while blow drying use T-LAB Professional Royal Detox Bio-Active Mist which will refresh your scalp while providing necessary safety.

5. Use Lightweight Oils

Nourish and restore tired hair by once a week applying lightweight oil or products which contain those. Also, you may try daily usage of oils on the ends of hair to boost hydration. Give a try to T-LAB Professional Blond Ambition Elixir Absolute which contains organic babassu oil enriched with natural antioxidant and plant sterols that provide complex care for hair, restores the structure of the hair’s hydro-lipid layer.

6. Pamper your Hair with a Mask

You most probably already know that proper moisture is extremely important to your hair. Consider this as a weekly hair treatment and use a deep conditioner or nourishing hair mask to prevent frizz, split ends, and protect your hair from heat damage. Apply T-LAB Professional Aura Oil DUO Treatment on rinsed hair comb them and leave to set in for around 15 min and remember to rinse only with cold water, this treatment will assure smoother and soft hair with a natural shine.

Always remember that shiny and silky hair is built from within so make sure to have a balanced diet and follow healthy habits. By correcting the few mentioned mistakes in your daily hair routine and adding simple new steps you will achieve silky shiny hair but most importantly you will keep them healthy. Take care and keep on shining.

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