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Hair Care Tips During Summer

Think of all the perks that summer brings us, bright sun, warm nights, beach days, salty waves, and tons of new memories. Sadly your hair doesn’t appreciate these joys and requires special hair care in summer. Stay with us and learn how to care for hair in summer the easy way. 

Summer Dangers for Hair

Sun damage

The way too much sun burns your skin the same it is with your hair and scalp. Too much exposure to UV light and your strands become dull, weak & brittle. Intense sunlight can also increase hair problems like dandruff, split ends, and hair loss as natural hair moisture is being lost.

Chlorine damage

Pool time is great but chlorine in it ain’t so much. It can cause your hair color to fade or alter during the time. This chemical also strips away naturally produced hair oils and leaves your hair weak, dull, and dry looking.

Salt damage

Salty waves and a unique textured beach look can be achieved by using salt sprays, avoid drenching hair in seawater too much. Salt can suck out all the moisture out of strands and make them dry, weak, tangled even cause breakage.

Summer Hair Care Routine

Hair products for summer

Starting with shampoo and conditioner, switch your regular products to moisturizing ones that would defend hair against the dangers of summer. Our Total Protect Collection is designed to provide ultimate natural hair care during the summer season. Treat your hair to a nourishing hair mask once a week to add additional moisture and prevent damage. But most importantly stock up on hair spray with SPF to defend hair against sun, salt, and chlorine.

Summer hair care tips

Kick off your summer with a hair trim, to refresh the style and get rid of split ends. If taken proper care your hair will grow healthy, shiny, and strong. After washing hair, skip the blow dryer and let them dry naturally. Before taking a dip in a pool or sea, apply a leave-in conditioner after a swim, rinse everything thoroughly with clear water. Applying a tiny drop of frizz-fighting serum or hair oil is good for hair in summer to tame frizz, detangle and prevent hair breakage.

Summer season don’ts

Haircare for summer does not allow any hot tools, hide those deep down in your drawer. Summer is a time to embrace your natural hair type and texture so skip hot tools to avoid any heat damage. Do not keep your strands exposed in the sun for too long, make sure to apply SPF spray for hair and I’ve heard that headscarves are trending this season. Lastly, avoid any overly stripping hair care products, to maintain as much moisture as possible.

Summer is coming so be prepared and make it right! Haircare for summer might seem difficult but make it fun, find yourself some new products to try, play around with colorful scarves and let your natural hair loose this season.

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