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How to Protect Your Hair During Colouring

When colouring their hair, a lot of people end up with damaged strands or uneven shades of colour. Any chemical treatment that alters your hair’s colour or structure is likely to some cause damage, but there are ways to nourish it and keep a healthy glow. T-LAB Professional 4-P Protection System is designed to protect your colour from further damage and keep your hair looking fresh and fabulous.
Finding its professional beginnings as International Academy of Hairdressing Art in 1994, T-LAB Professional has become an icon of ORGANIC, LUXURIOUS AND INNOVATIVE HAIR CARE.

Miracle Cream protects the scalp from dye stains by preventing the appearance of redness and irritation.
Brilliant Oil is the first protective oil that can ensure that your hair is shiny and your scalp stays healthy during the colouring process.
pH Equalizer moisturizes and smooths the hair, providing proportional distribution of colour.
Premier Noir Colouring Cream gently takes care of the hair and enriches it with strength during colouring by ensuring restoration and nourishment at three levels: skin, cortex and cuticle.
Premier Noir Cream Developer provides excellent colour without damaging the structure of the hair, conditions and moisturises the hair during the colouring process.
Colour Protect Shampoo is created for reconstruction and colour look of dyed and toned hair.

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