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Interview with a Londoner: Hair Care Tips for Men

Interview with a Londoner

T-LAB Professional is inviting you to try some Go-to tips for healthy and voluminous hair by Nas Ganev. Nas started from a traveling blog and today he has 12,9K of followers! He’s catching the eye of followers by providing them with helpful tips, few of them he shared with T-LAB lovers. Let’s discover more why Nas chooses T-LAB Professional and how to use products in most efficient ways!

Which T-LAB Professional products are your favorite?

I really like Sapphire Energy shampoo and conditioner. These products are the best choice if you want to calm down the scalp. Previously I had coloured my hair into blond, but then decided to return to the dark colour and, of course, it damages the hair a lot. In addition to this, to nourish my hair I use Aura Oil Leave-in Cream.

What is important for you when choosing care products?

I usually pay attention to packaging, overall product appearance and, what is more, scent of the product.
What I love about T-LAB Professional is the packaging, it explains everything clearly. It is quite interesting to get familiar with all the information about the product you are going to apply on yourself.

What do you like the most about T-LAB Professional and why?

The fact that all the products are organic and vegan. I’m also quite impressed that they are really good for the environment. This is the main difference between synthetic products and natural. The first ones usually provide with immediate results, but in the long-run your hair will return to the initial state after discontinuation of use, while with natural products, you will not only see the immediate results, but also long-term benefits for your scalp and hair, which is a great investment, if you think about it.

Nas Ganev favourite T-LAB Professional products

Yes, for us it is important to show Nutrition Value of our ingredients in the Unique Natural Complex. We believe that human body is connected in one Health & Beauty Ecosystem, that is why it is important to take good care not just of your skin on the face & body, but also of your scalp. As healthy hair starts with healthy scalp. With the upcoming summer season, it is very important to protect hair & scalp from heat, UVA/UVB rays. How do you protect your hair in summer?

Your hair will be very grateful if you apply Aura Oil Leave-in Cream or Colour Protect Bi-Phase Spray when going to the beach or to swim in the sea, since it will protect your hair from sun, sea water and heat.

Taking this opportunity, T-LAB Professional is happy to introduce you brand new SUMMER READY set! Nas, could you describe your daily hair routine?

It seems that I don’t have a daily routine. I believe, washing hair daily is harmful for your hair. If you overwash it on a daily basis, all-natural oils and elements will be washed out and that will cause dry hair. I wash my hair once every three days.

What is your secret to creating such an impressive volume?

Blow-drying your hair with a round brush and pulling them down is the most common mistake. When you blow-dry your hair, never put the brush downwards, only upwards. If you want to polish them, start by blow-drying from root to tip and only after, polish the length.

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