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Did you know that T-LAB Professional is the first beauty brand to introduce an on-site plastic packaging recycling program?

It is not a secret that the beauty industry immensely contributes to plastic waste and pollution, continuously devastating our precious environment as over 120 BILLION units of packaging are produced globally, only 9% of which are being recycled. As our commitment to tackling these issues, one of our core values at T-LAB Professional, the interconnectedness of Beauty and the Environment informs our research and production processes from start to finish ensuring that we are achieving the best results while equally respecting both, human and environmental health.

We are delighted that our new specialized machinery is capable of recycling up to 588,000kg of plastic a year, considering a standard 8h workday. Likewise, 16h days working in shifts would increase this number up to 1,176,000kg of recycled plastic a year! Building an in-house recycling program is our investment towards a more sustainable future, which requires resources such as people, spaces, and machinery. We are thinking of long-term solutions and strongly believe that environmental responsibility and profit can work together. Thus, we are proud to openly announce that for the best interest of our customers we will be able to provide sustainable, high-quality products without compromising the price. Furthermore, as an example of T-LAB Professional’s strong commitment to transparency, our customers eventually will be able to enjoy lower prices once again. We believe that our long-term success depends on our ability to make conscious decisions that embed sustainable practices throughout the business.

Our high-quality, beautifully designed packaging solutions not only protect the purity of our formulations but can be widely recycled regardless of the country. Alongside our in-house recycling program, we already provide our customers with elegantly designed refillable solutions that will create 70% less CO2 emissions, use 60% less energy, and 45% less water. Furthermore, recycled plastic will become new long-lasting products such as display stands or decorative haircare trays to proudly feature elegant designs of our products.

At T-LAB Professional, we are passionate about engaging and encouraging our community of T-LAB Lovers to share the responsibility by empowering them to make meaningful purchases for the benefit of both people and the environment. We create a space for building eco-conscious self-care routines, enjoying luxury products and creative design. Since humans have a natural desire to surround themselves with beauty in its purest form, naturally beautiful colours of flowers help to express and connect with different emotions. Our elegantly designed high-quality products manifest the true bright colours of Nature reflecting shades of healing flower extracts. At T-LAB Professional being sustainable means anything but plain and boring. Our sustainable luxury design is a celebration of the abundant source of inspiration, timeless health, and beauty.

We take our responsibility to preserve the abundance of Nature seriously by looking for long-term solutions and making meaningful changes that last. There is no silver bullet to sustainability, but our actions demonstrate a strong commitment to our values as well as efforts to reduce our impact and create a community of beautiful eco-conscious individuals. That said, we are excited about future partnership opportunities with retailers and other businesses that will allow us to set an example of positive changes achieved through collaboration. In a journey of reducing our environmental impact, we approach this step with enthusiasm and humility. Being a natural beauty brand, we continue to innovate the future of sustainable luxury by providing sustainable, resource-saving, but also contemporary and attractive products taking one step at a time.

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