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Design As Beautiful As Nature

As beautiful as nature

‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.’
Albert Einstein

What is your favourite colour, time of the year and what kind of flowers you prefer the most? What if we combine all the things above in one Collection?

When we thought about the packaging for T-LAB Professional Natural Luxury Collection, we wanted it to be bright and beautiful, as dazzling colours of nature as beauty lies in the colour spectrum.

We are inspired by Nature full of bright colours and their combinations. We are inspired by natural symphony of colourful flowers, blue oceans, green fields, golden sunrise and sparkling- white snow mountains. We are inspired by elegant and luxurious Nature – the timeless source of health and beauty.

Colours which are meaningful: each of them encourages you to build your dreams, embraces your individuality, reminds you to enjoy the journey, helps you find balance or to attract well-being.

Natural Luxury Collection has collected the best colours of natural mesmerizing flowers; each chosen flower corresponds to the line by bright natural colour and healing properties.

T-LAB Professional Collection

Colour Reflections

Organic Care Collection
Sapphire Energy – Blue Lotus
Aura Oil – Burgundy Camellia
Natural Lifting – Teal Plumeria
Kera Shot – Violet Crocus
Royal Detox – Black Orchid
Curl Passion – Orange Lily
Colour Protect – Fuchsia Rose
Blond Ambition – Ivory Tiare

Innovative Styling Collection
Midnight Black
Pearly White

Premier Colour Collection
Premier Noir
Premier Blanc

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