There is no secret that the main healthy hair element is moisture. Well-hydrated hair strands will always have that natural healthy glow and shine. There are many ways to achieve moisturized hair but the effect doesn’t last long. Here we reveal how to keep natural hair hydrated daily and differences in hydrating vs moisturizing hair products, keep on reading!

Moisturizing hair products: what to use?
What is the best moisturizing product you may ask? Your hair type and needs tell what is good for you. Everyone is different, what works for African American hair type won’t perform the same on thin, greasy, or colored hair. Let’s explore what is the best product to hydrate your hair.
For Curly Hair:
If this is your hair type, make sure to choose rich formulation hydrating products (especially for black hair). While the product texture will be on the heavier side, nutritious ingredients such as mango butter will shape curls, tame frizz, and keep hair moisturized. Our Organic Shape Collection was designed without protein to transform frizzy, tangled, kinky hair into luscious, super hydrated, natural curls.

For Natural Hair:
By natural, we mean hair that wasn’t treated in any way, if your hair is normal, thinning, or overall tired, listen up. The best moisturizing hair products for you are lightweight and have water (aqua) listed as number one on the ingredient list. Reach out for leave-in conditioning hair treatments to keep hair moisturized during the day.

For Thick Hair:
If you have a bunch of heavy thick hair look for deeply nourishing products to moisturize hair. Hydrating hair masks and rich formulation hair care serums are key to maintaining moisture inside thick hair strands. Try using Aura Oil Elixir Superior with organic avocado oil to hydrate your hair and enhance hair smoothness.

For Colored Hair:
If you color your hair frequently, moisturizing hair care products must become the staple of your hair care routine. Colored hair can be highly vulnerable and damaged easily so continually keeping hair moisturized is a must. Reach for color-safe hair products to ensure hair protection and a whole-day conditioning effect.

Hair Care Routine: what to avoid?
When Washing Hair:
First and foremost avoid frequent shampooing (if possible) and use dry shampoo instead. When choosing moisturizing hair care products lookout for harsh chemicals, they will strip away natural moisture from your strands and rinse out hydrating hair products only with cool water. To paper strands, try making a hydrating hair bath at home using a hair mask.

When Styling Hair:
To keep hair moisturized, avoid brushing your hair when it is still wet. When it comes to actual styling, minimize the use of hot tools and choose heatless hairstyles instead, and always apply heat protection or moisturizing styling products as moisturizing hair cream.

There you have it, these are the ways to keep hair moisturized, what are the best products to hydrate your hair, and main daily habits to avoid in your hair care rituals. Share your experience and hair care tips with us @tlabprof_official!