Flower Gem Water

For our Natural Luxury Collection we carefully select organic Healing Flower Extracts to infuse our Purified Underground Water used to create T-LAB Professional products.

Meaningful Nature

Almost every culture references the symbolic meaning of flowers and medical practitioners acknowledge their therapeutic properties. All elements of the flower contain a value that can be applied in a variety of formulations for healing purposes.

But flowers do not only heal the body. We also admire flowers for their beautiful bright colors, symbolism, fragrance, essence, vibrational energy and express the sentiment behind the gift. Simply looking at flowers has been proven to make us smile, lift our mood and generate positive thoughts.

Expressing Feelings

Gorgeous Healing Flowers have inspired us to create iconic and immediately recognizable flacons for Natural Luxury Collection that expresses our vision of beautiful nature – full of bright vivid colors and shades.

Flowers help us to express feelings and emotions when it’s difficult to find the right words. Most people agree that flowers have meanings and a language of their own. Every flower variety is infused with symbolism cultivated from the origin of their names to their mythology and characteristics.

Healing Flower Gem


Orchid clinical trials have shown that compounds in orchids have anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidative properties – they protect the body from premature ageing caused by free radicals and inflammation.


Plumeria extract is used to moisturize and soften the skin. In addition, it improves circulatory system, lowers stress, reduces the appearance of fine lines and makes your skin look brighter and more youthful overall.


Lotus is rich in vitamins and minerals. Lotus leaves are used to prevent dehydration, ensuring the skin is moisturized and retains its youthful look, preventing wrinkles from forming.


Camelia has been shown to improve cardiovascular functioning – an important factor in youthfulness and health of the skin and body.

Energising Gems

Healing with ENERGIZING GEMS is a totally non-invasive form of alternative medicine that works holistically to harmonize the mind, body, emotions and spirit.

Gems and Crystals help to increase our feeling of well-being and can lift depression. Used for centuries as a tool for healing, each crystal variety resonates at a certain frequency and this energy gives them their healing abilities.

Gems and Water

Gems and water have a beautiful relationship in the natural environment. When you bring these two elements together with intention, you are returning water to its natural home, side by side with the minerals that make up the earth.

We have powered up our unique Purified Underground Water used to create T-LAB Professional products with Energizing Gems as an innovative effective way to benefit from their positive energy resonance and enjoy their balancing power.

The combination of Purified Underground Water energized with Gems and infused with organic Healing Flower Extracts compose Flower Gem Water – our scientific beauty invention which has intense therapeutic action and deep hydration properties.

Selected Gems

For our Royal Detox, Aura Oil, Sapphire Energy & Natural Lifting we carefully selected the crystals for their associated therapeutic properties to support and promote organic well-being.These crystals help restore and increase your natural confidence, courage, strength, and optimism. Some act to boost the will and sense of inner power, while others bring renewed vitality and life-force energy to increase your confidence.


The energy of Onyx lets you breathe easier, giving you the balance, confidence and protection.


Sapphire has long associations with peace and happiness, and is believed to help with communication, insight, intuition, inspiration.


Aven increases your luck in all areas of life. This confidence-boosting crystal will help put  the    odds in your favor because of its empowering properties.


Jasper is associated with relaxation, contentment, compassion, and consolation; relieves mental stress and helps to achieve balance in life.

Purified Underground Water

“Water is the driving force of all nature.”

Leonardo Da Vinci Our planet comprises 70% of water. Our body comprises 70% of water. Almost all cosmetics products comprise 70% of water and up to 98%. That is saying a lot about its importance.However, usually, water significance in cosmetics manufacturing is highly depreciated and is being considered as just a solvent for other compounds of cosmetics formulations. But we all know that different water has different taste and may even leave different skin and hair feeling after shower. In T-LAB Professional we have our own innovative vision – we consider water as the main ingredient of care and beauty products we daily use. T-LAB Professional products are all formulated using Purified Underground Water which is being organically filtered while coming through natural earth layers.

Flower Gem Water

Staying hydrated is essential for maintaining health and beauty from within. Water is a part of everything. We can’t exist without it, same as essential cosmetics products. Water is critical to cellular life because it not only carries nutritional elements that cells need, but it also has positive impact on our heath itself. Water has a crystalline structure that can hold memory. When water comes from clean sources, when it runs clean and is living, its crystalline structure is beautiful and healthy. But we decided to go further in our scientific LAB research and products development. In our LAB we have infused Purified Underground Water with organic Healing Flowers Extracts and Energizing Gems. This innovative approach has positively influenced and intensified all T-LAB Professional properties composing an absolutely unique indigent – Flower Gem Water.

Responsible Water Usage

We believe that Water is our precious natural gift and therefore we should take care of the most water consuming areas. At our Factory we practice responsible water usage during manufacturing without wasting it.

We stand for using of liberal amount of water in our day-to-day balanced life, protecting our Planet – the unique source of health and beauty.

Therapeutic Inclusive Blend

In all our ranges we use active ingredients inspired by nature and rooted in science. The key natural components operate in harmony to preserve our clean beauty approach and scientific innovations.

Our in-house LAB formulates T-LAB Professional products with Unique Natural Complex (UNC) and Therapeutic Inclusive Blend (TIB) – an exclusive combination of certified organic ingredients and our innovative skin and hair care compounds suitable for each health & beauty concern individually.

Therapeutic Power

(TIB) has 5-in-1 therapeutic power acting with 5 ultra-intensive compounds to reach personalized 5 strong health and beauty effects

Anti-inflammatory effect

Photo-aging reversion

Free radical scavenger

Long-lasting moisturizer

Soothing & calming effect

TIB Compounds

Organic Aloe Vera Extract

Aloe Vera, sometimes described as a “wonder plant,” contains three anti-inflammatory fatty acids: cholesterol, campersterol and β- sitosterol. These agents are the source for aloe’s effectiveness in treating all kinds of internal and external inflammations. Aloe Vera extract hydrates, exfoliates, nourishes, clarifies, and revitalizes the skin and hair.

Tocopherol (Vitamin E)

It is a powerful antioxidant, which helps to protect the skin and hair from damaging compounds called free radicals.

Panthenol (Vitamin B5)

Panthenol helps with skin irritations, as well as with environmental damage by locking in moisture.

Silver Ions

The positively charged silver ions suspended in pharma-grade water work to fight bacteria and inflammation, as well as promote cell regeneration.

Underground Water

Mineral water that is located deep underground which contains healing properties and is exempt from bacteria and pollution. Naturally pure and rich in mineral salts, is recognized for its therapeutic properties, helps with itchiness and overall dryness.