Health & Beauty Ecosystem

After a deep scientific analysis we have invented health and beauty ecosystem – unified
Scientific approach which connects body-face-hair-scalp and inner body health.

Skin-scalp-hair + inner body systems – Unified scientific approach – inclusive beauty products
At T-LAB Professional we firmly believe that the key to well-being is looking at beauty from a holistic
scientific perspective. We consider human body as ECOSYSTEM and a symphony of perfection
where all the notes of BEAUTY are connected with HEALTH in absolute harmony.

It’s not only about what is going on the outside, but a gateway between the physical and beyond,
a balancing act – one that meets the needs of our skin, our minds, our souls, our entire bodies –
both, inside and out.

Health & Beauty Ecosystem – T-LAB Professional innovative scientific approach, is more than just
applying products to your hair or skin – it’s a lifestyle, a belief system and an entrancing journey to begin.

Unified ScientificApproach

T-LAB Professional has been promotingits Unified Scientific Approach since1994, focusing on the efficacy offormulations and therapeutic benefitsfor skin and hair care in its BeautyAcademy and chain of SPA Salons.

Now our LAB is taking care of thewhole human body by connectinghealth and beauty in one Ecosystem,applying UNIFIED SCIENTIFICAPPROACH in order to create uniqueINCLUSIVE BEAUTY PRODUCTS.

Thus, we go deeper and research notonly cosmetics ingredients whichinfluence skin, scalp and hair, but alsohealth nutritions and purifiedunderground water as main health &beauty ingredient.

Inclusive Beauty Products

Absolute Wash and Cream for Face-Body-Hands, as well as Duo Shampoos and Treatments for Scalp and Hair – holistic products that have been specifically developed as a part of our Philosophy to be efficient, multi-purpose and multicultural for Cosmopolitan People of the World. T-LAB Professional offers convenient beauty solutions for men and women to match their on-the-go living experiences.

All the Brand products are formulated to be universal natural life-long-solutions for all people around the world. We are proud to be the only professional – natural – luxury Brand that is gender neutral, kids friendly and pregnancy friendly.

Biodynamic Approach

At T-LAB Professional we have bigger ideas behind the Brand, and one of them is having our own biodynamic fields in Europe, where ingredients are being grown on the premises.

Currently we are implementing our BIODYNAMIC APPROACH and acquiring agricultural land in one of the most clean and green parts of Europe to grow healing flowers and herbs to deliver best-ever professional results to our customers.

With our holistic approach we believe in the connection between the farmer, soil, plants, cosmos and healing cosmetics products. Our BIODYNAMIC VISION contributes to our Health & Beauty Ecosystem approach and closes the cycle of in-house responsible manufacturing.

In-House Innovations

Our own in-house LAB plays an integral role, being the place where science, nature and innovations meet. This philosophy reveals the legend of the Brand name – T-LABoratory.

Innovation is our key professional driver. We are constantly looking for the new approaches to human health and beauty by inventing new scientific approaches and reinventing forgotten precious ingredients.

The new eco-manufacturing facilities allows us to be efficient and fast, as well as to secure constant professional Brand improvements and innovations, creating new inventions in health & beauty products development.


T-LAB Professional was the first Brand which has considered human hair and scalp
as face skin and treated them the same way. In 2015 we have invented Unified
Scientific Approach which has helped us to create remarkable hair & scalp care
products for deep detoxification with liquid colloidal gold, immature ageing
prevention with sapphire powder and hair filler with hyaluronic acid. Today,
we have reinvented these best-selling collections with new intense properties
and rare organic ingredients. Unified Scientific Approach is a basis for Health
& Beauty Ecosystem – our main innovative approach which is enabling us to create
absolutely unique professional and natural formulas for the whole human body.

Nutrition Value & Unique Natural Complex

As our next in-house medical innovation, we use the best nutrients needed for inner body health in our cosmetics formulations, helping people all around the world to stay healthy and beautiful, evaluating NUTRITION VALUE of each active ingredient in the UNIQUE NATURAL COMPLEX.

Therapeutic Inclusive Blend

We have invented THERAPEUTIC INCLUSIVE BLEND (TIB) being used for all
the Brand Collections which integrates five intense features, providing
strong anti-inflammatory effect, preventing photo-ageing, acting as
long-term moisturiser and anti-oxidant. It is powered up with silver ions
and mineral water from the recreation mineral water source to increase its
healing features for BODY-FACE-HAIR-SCALP Health and Beauty Ecosystem.

Personal Beauty Compositions

We respect personalisation and individual peculiarities of each person
around the world and thus, we have elaborated scientific Mix-and-Match
concept which allows creating your own favourite PERSONAL BEAUTY
COMPOSITIONS (PBC) with T-LAB Professional products, according to your
concerns and needs.

Flower Infusion Drops

We are also proud to introduce intense organic flower infusions
as separate products – FLOWER INFUSION DROPS, which you can
add to your favourite PBC and power it up with more energy,
internal balance and specific healing properties you need.

Nutrition Value

As our next in-house medical innovation, we use the best nutrients needed for inner body health in our cosmetics formulations, helping people all around the world to stay healthy and beautiful, evaluating NUTRITION VALUE of each active ingredient in the Unique Natural Complex.

Professional & Natural

Being founded by Top Beauty Academy, results remain key to T-LAB Professional success —
which means that products have to work PROFESSIONALLY, yet be NATURAL & ORGANIC in
order to secure client loyalty and to be transparent with consumers on the degree of
naturalness and ingredients supply chain.

T-LAB Professional is the first brand to combine PROFESSIONAL academic background,
NATURAL formulations, while constantly embracing innovations in masstige beauty segment.

Natural Luxury Collection

As a Brand, T-LAB Professional is fully committed to combine nature and science to bring the most powerful products to solve skin and hair concerns.

And thus, we are proud to present the world our true masterpiece – T-LAB Professional Natural Luxury Collection – exclusive beauty creation – The scientific result of lab and academy tandem – professional and natural innovative cosmetics products

R&D Lab and Beauty Academy Tandem

Our in-house R&D LAB and in-house Beauty Academy have managed to create first in the world 99% natural skin and hair care products for professional use and home experience which provide both immediate results and long-term benefits.

Having deep family medical roots, we constantly involve healthcare therapists in research and development process to ensure long-term therapeutic benefits of T-LAB Professional products.