Global Education

Our academic story began in 1994 in geographical center of Europe when Vladimir Tarasiuk established Chain of Beauty Salons and an International Beauty Academy in Kiev – VT Academy. Very soon VT Academy has become popular and known worldwide – its Artistic Collections have been published in various countries around the world by the most influential professional and fashion beauty magazines in Europe, Americas and Asia.

Nowadays, award-winning VT Academy operates as the first Cosmopolitan Educational Project all around the world through its T-LAB Professional Academy Centers and Certified T-LAB.

25 Years of Experience

Professional Ambassadors – most proficient stylists and beauticians who represent Brand philosophy and educate T-LAB Professional Community in Europe, Asia, Middle East and America.

Having over 25-years of professional experience, T-LAB Professional Academy provides contemporary education both, online and in salons/SPAs/stores, based on a combination of training methods aimed at creating and enhancing professional skills of personalized skin-scalp-hair treatments, hair colouring trends and hair design techniques:

Hair-Scalp-Skin Luxury Treatments

The Art of Colour

Hair Design

Academy provides professional and DIY education, as well as product research and development education, which enables our LAB to develop and manufacture beauty products exclusively made for professional stylists, beauticians and perfect for do-it-yourself consumers who want professional results.

Professional Education

T-LAB Professional Academy provides contemporary educational activities based on a combination of training methods aimed at creating and enhancing professional stylist skills:

The Art of Colour

Women’s Cut and Style

Men’s Cut and Style Hair Design

Brand Ambassadors

T-LAB Professional Creative Team is composed of very talented and devoted hairdressers, stylists and beauticians, who represent the Brand worldwide educating Brand Beauty Community in beauty salons, SPAs, selective retail stores and online.

As a Brand, we are proud to collaborate with the most talented professionals, who share their knowledge and gather valuable feedback from our customers in various countries of the world. This contributes to unique and inclusive multicultural products creation by our in-house LAB.

Digital Brand Ambassadors

Our professional customers also join the Team of Digital Brand Ambassadors by spreading their inspiration and unique approach to product usage.

The core of our success is people and we appreciate every professional, who always strive for innovative solutions. We engage more and more #tlablovers all around the World to share the same passion for health & beauty.


Salon Rituals

T-LAB Professional offers SPA rituals tailored especially for you. We are dedicated to providing a memorable journey for each guest, through exceptional service and technical excellence. Our motivated and caring team is the vital part of an amazing, relaxing experience that our clients have to come to enjoy.

We are committed to create clean beauty products with professional efficacy, which guarantee visible, instant results and long-term benefits.

If you are professional stylist or beautician, with our videos you can learn how to get the outstanding results for your guests in salon and SPA.

Home Rituals

T-LAB Professional will enable you to carry out luxurious SPA salon procedures at home. In order to pro-long the effects of in-salon SPA Rituals and to maintain great results after salon-treatments choose the products from the corresponding Brand Collections.

Our flower gem water based Natural luxury Collection will help to encourage well-being by bringing the mind and body to a harmonious balance. So, set aside a little time for your home SPA journey switching between Detox, ProAge, Lifting, Nourishment, Restoration, Protect and Intense SPA rituals. We make self-care simple, effective, and meaningful.

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