Sustainable Luxury

T-LAB Professional sustainable packaging manifests bright colours of nature and reflects shades of healing flower extracts inside each flacon.

Sustainable luxury is a part of our DNA and the baseline of everything we do. It is not an eco-friendly product seeking a premium image but instead, it is a luxury product with sustainable values. It is another option to saving the planet since we would be channeling our purchasing power to where we might do the least harm — by buying sustainable long-lasting meaningful goods.

Life-long Love forUnique Craftmanship

Sustainable luxury offers people fulfillment of their individual desires by introducing better consumer choices; they call for extraordinary creativity and design, they are made of exceptional ingredients, at T-LAB Professional we are committed to natural and organic globally sourced precious, sustainable & fair-trade ingredients.

Luxury products have implicit sustainability built-in as they don’t go out of fashion and are long-lasting products which also decrease our self-consumption and environmental polution.

As a Brand we stand for commitment, quality, expertise, service with sustainability in mind: production, formulations and design. T-LAB Professional flacons last forever, you can refill them and use again and again, enjoying the high quality of the unique craftsmanship.

Exclusive Packaging

We define natural excellence with every Product we bring to life. Like the beating of the heart, each Product creation is unique and complex with an element of magic. Exclusive packaging is the signature of the Brand.

Legends are born to live forever. Being professional and talented in drawings, VT HOLDING Founder and Creative Director, Vladimir Tarasiuk, has transformed created by him authentic and immediately recognizable hair-design style, world-known by the unique combination of sharp and free lines, into elegant cosmetics flacons design.

When creating the Brand Image, Vladimir Tarasiuk has been travelling all around the world to find his inspirations in natural landscapes, architecture, ancient jewelry and art collections.

Valuable Heritage

T-LAB Professional Emblem symbolizes the beauty of human being, freedom and the Globe diversity, embracing the Brand Cosmopolitan Soul.

At T-LAB Professional we believe that product packaging is meant to communicate a purpose: what the Brand stands for and what message it sends to the customer, while it draws attention.

Packaging for us is the science, art, design and technology of enclosing and protecting products.


T-LAB Professional is a bright bouquet of natural beauty, elegant style and the creative human soul. We value our heritage and enrich it with sustainable designs of the Future.

As part of our sustainability journey and mission to reduce plastic waste, we are delighted to introduce our new refillable flacons which turn into ones you can use over and over, and are all recyclable. Furthermore, our Eco-friendly Travel & Sport Collection comes in 100% compostable packaging.

Artistic Collections

Our creative stylistic soul, combined in the supreme expertise of cosmetics and flacons making, produces the finest objet d’art.

Creativity and science, hand in hand, reinterpret our heritage into the innovative creations of the Academy and the LAB – Natural Luxury Collection.

Celebrating 25 years of the award-winning artistic tradition, VT Academy is revealing its best timeless collections – the hallmark signature of the Brand which have been published all around the Globe by the most influential fashion and prominent professional beauty magazines.

Best Looks – 25 Years

We have also captured our signature collections in Best Looks – special edition, a source of unique beauty inspiration.

Having gained an outstanding creative and scientific experience worldwide, VT Academy has become the platform for the truly professional Brand launch, as well as cosmetics Laboratory and Factory

Colours of Nature

We innovate the future of luxury, guarding tradition of an exquisite natural beauty and bright aura of the Brand.

‘Look deep into nature, and then you will understand everything better.’ Albert Einstein

What is your favourite colour, time of the year and what kind of flowers you prefer the most? What if we combine all the things above in one Collection?

When we thought about the packaging for T-LAB Professional Natural Luxury Collection, we wanted it to be bright and beautiful, as dazzling colors of nature as beauty lies in the color spectrum.

As beautiful as Nature

We are inspired by Nature full of bright colours and their combinations. We are inspired by natural symphony of colourful flowers, blue oceans, green fields, golden sunrise and sparkling- white snow mountains.

We are inspired by elegant and luxurious Nature – the timeless source of health and beauty.

Colours which are meaningful: each of them encourages you to build your dreams, embraces your individuality, reminds you to enjoy the journey, helps you find balance or to attract well-being.

Natural Luxury Collection has collected the best colours of natural mesmerizing flowers; each chosen flower corresponds to the line by bright natural colour and healing properties.

Colour Reflections

Organic Care Collection
Sapphire Energy – Blue Lotus
Aura Oil – Burgundy Camellia
Natural Lifting – Teal Plumeria
Kera Shot – Violet Crocus
Royal Detox – Black Orchid
Curl Passion – Orange Lily
Colour Protect – Fuchsia Rose
Blond Ambition – Ivory Tiare

Innovative Styling Collection
Midnight Black
Pearly White

Premier Colour Collection
Premier Noir
Premier Blanc