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Frizziness is a clear sign of dry, unhealthy hair that lacks a lot of moisture. On the other hand, any increase in humidity level only makes it worse. That is because in damp weather your dry hair is naturally seeking the closest source of moisture and tends to lift up an outside layer of hair (cuticle). As a result, you get frizzy, unmanageable, and unhealthy-looking hair which may be hard to tame but we say it is possible. So, here are 10 tips for better frizzy hair control and prevention.

1. Choose your products wisely

When talking about frizz control, maintaining moisture is the number one factor. Therefore, you should choose products that care for your locks and contains beneficial ingredients such as glycerin. Glycerin helps to fight frizz by moisturizing the hair from the inside. Always avoid using shampoos or conditioners that have alcohol, harsh cleansers, sulfates in them. These elements will harshly remove natural oils from hair and can even dry out your scalp. If you are looking for natural hair care to prevent frizz check out Aura Oil Collection. These products will provide you with deep hair-scalp nourishment and organic well-being by using the power of natural ingredients.

2. Shampooing tricks

When you have already chosen a proper product that fits your needs and hair type it is time to talk about correct shampooing. You definitely do not need to shampoo every day, that is a fact. Practice washing your locks every other day or even less frequently if possible. This will help your natural oils, produced in your scalp, to properly sink into your hair and prevent frizz by naturally moisturizing them. If you urgently need freshness try using Instant Miracle Dry Shampoo which was created to provide freshness and volume while cleaning hair and scalp, absorbing excess sebum. Also, it would be helpful to use only conditioner every other wash. This might sound crazy but simply just skip the shampoo and use conditioner instead, applying it from a neck down to the ends avoiding the greasy scalp. This step will ensure your hair cuticle to lay flat and not seek additional moisture from an environment.

3. More Conditioner

You must use a conditioner every time you wash your hair to prevent unwanted frizziness. Even the best shampoos suitable for frizz-fighting can scrape off that natural moisture in your locks so makes sure to bring it back by treating your hair with conditioner. The product should be chosen carefully and suit you perfectly to reach the best results. Such ingredients as natural, rich oils and glycerin will prevent hair from opening up for environmental humidity. We offer using Aura Oil Duo Treatment which contains glycerin and organic avocado oil. This formula is great for dry, damaged hair which lacks moisture, it leaves hair feeling smooth, soft improves shine and elasticity. This is what our clients have to say about this product: “It completely transformed my dry hair, leaving it silky and smooth. I swim a lot and the chlorine takes its toll. This is the only product I have found that counteracts the drying effect. Would definitely recommend it.”

4. Reduce the temperature

After applying your carefully chosen products you need to thoroughly rinse them out. But first, turn down the temperature of water This does not mean you need to suffer an ice-cold shower, just make it warm and not steaming hot. Too hot water can cause your cuticles to open up reaching for additional moisture, so it is better to wash and rinse shampoo and conditioner with cool water to prevent frizz.

5. Avoid unnecessary friction

What do we mean by that? The rough, regular towel can easily cause frizz and damage the outer layer of hair. Switch up your regular towel to a microfiber one and be very gentle while drying down your locks. If a micro-fiber towel is not an option try using a simple cotton t-shirt and dry your hair by lightly squeezing out the moisture. One more simple trick is to sleep on a satin or a silk pillowcase this will help to avoid unnecessary friction and assures that the cuticle of a hair lays flat while sleeping.

6. Use of heat tools

Of course, the best way to go is heat-free styling and air blown hair but it is not always an option. If you decide to use any heat tools for styling or hair drying, firstly lower the temperature. Keep your straightener or curler up to 200 degrees and not higher. When using a blow dryer use a cool air function or at least the lowest heat. Also, blow dryers tend to have this useful tool called a diffuser which will help to evenly spread the heat and will not overwhelm your locks preventing them from frizz. But most importantly before taking any heat tool in hand apply proper heat protection to create an additional layer that will save hair from heat. T-LAB has this great product which is anti-frizz oriented but at the same time provides heat protection. Frizz Control Perfume Serum from Innovative Styling collection covers hair with a film that protects it from environmental influences and heat.

7. Tackle small flyaways

Once you have dry and styled hair there might be some small strands left on top of your hair or on a ponytail. To style those down and lock them in place take a small mascara or toothbrush, spray it with hairspray that does not contain alcohol, and lightly place those flyaways in where they belong. This trick is great for sleek buns and high ponytails.

8. Additional treatment

This step is necessary for moisture enhancement. Applying a hair mask, rich oil, or specialized treatment once a week will prevent the cuticle from lifting up and will nourish hair from the inside out. Look for strongly moisturizing ingredients in chosen products or make one yourself at home. T-LAB Professional offers Aura Oil Elixir Superior which is rich with Camelia Jasper Water, Organic Inca-Inchi oil, and Organic Avocado Oil. These oils will leave your hair softer and smoother, improve shine and elasticity. If you seek to provide treatment while also styling try incorporating Hair Designer One-For-All Styling Lotion which is a natural styling product with various hair protection benefits.

9. Humidity Protection

While the humid air conditions can be tricky to avoid there are some ways to prevent negative hair reactions to damp weather. Before leaving your home, consider using moisturizing serum or spray to create a protective layer for a cuticle and prevent frizz. Also, a silk or satin scarf around your hair can not only enrich your style but also hair protection. T-LAB Professional has a great weightless solution for everyday use. It is Air Balance Antistatic Spray from Innovative Styling Collection, for excellent control, additional elasticity, volume, and gloss.

10. Regular haircuts

A proper regular haircut is a starting and ending point of any healthy hair. Dry hair tends to split and brittle a lot so start with a haircut. Dead ends can go up the hair damaging it and causing frizz. Whenever you notice the first strands starting to split make an appointment with your hairdresser. Preferably hair should be cut every 6-8 weeks and more frequently if needed to maintain healthy-looking locks.

Now you see how many different elements can cause hair to frizz. But good thing is that there are more solutions to those problems than the issues themselves. The most important takeaway is locking in moisture and treating hair from within, maintaining scalp health, and preventing heat. These tips will hopefully help you to achieve the hair of your dreams without any frizz.

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