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How to Get Wavy Hair Naturally

Now is the perfect time to talk about embracing your curly natural hair. With the help of social media platforms naturally wavy hairstyles are trending and hopefully are here to stay. Wanna know how to have wavy hair naturally? What products to use? What curly hair natural styles are? Read this article to find out!

Natural Curly Hair Care Products

When talking about curly hair care, the most important thing is natural wavy hair care products. Ditch shampoos and conditioners full of harsh chemicals and synthetic ingredients. They make the hair appear nice and smooth at the moment while in the long run can cause damage. Look for natural hair care alternatives that care for your hair beauty and health.

Curly Hair Shampoo

At the beginning of your naturally curly hair journey, you need to start fresh, get yourself cleansing shampoo that would get rid of all product buildup on your scalp. For more frequent washing, you will need curl shaping shampoo that is deeply moisturizing. But don’t forget to include detoxifying shampoo once in a while later in a journey to keep the scalp clean and fresh.

Curly Hair Conditioner

Naturally wavy hair can’t get too much moisture and hydration, that’s what shapes them the most. So stock up on a deeply nourishing hair conditioner and a mask for additional curly hair natural treatment.

Curly Hair Styling Products

When styling, choose wavy hair natural products designed to fit the hair type. Get rid of heavy oils and serums, choose shaping wave creams instead. To lock up the look, use a lightweight hair mousse and light-hold hair spray.

Curly Hair Care Routine

How to wash curly hair?

To retain as much moisture as possible, wash your hair less. Shampoo cleans your scalp but at the same time, it strips away natural oils that are forming curls. This rule applies for guys and girls who want to get wavy hair naturally and of course you must use curl enhancing products mentioned earlier.

How to dry curly hair?

The big question is how to dry wavy hair naturally without frizz? First up, don’t rub your wet hair in a towel, instead, crunch and twist wavy hair in a towel and let it dry naturally. If you’re in a hurry, always use a diffuser. It is meant to wave hair naturally by evenly distributing heat.

How to style curly hair?

If you want to get curly hair quickly, try using a salt spray, it will easily form light beachy waves. For styling, use light hair mousse and light-hold hair spray to not weigh down the curls. For easier curly hair care, swap hairbrush to wide-tooth hair comb.

And if after all the reading you are interested in how to get wavy hair naturally permanently, we recommend considering a perm. Modern perm is a great customizable option to get wavy hair “naturally”. These were the naturally wavy hair tips that we hope you’ll find helpful. Tell us about your curly hair journey and share tips @tlabprof_official!

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