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Why Professional Hair Care is Worth the Money

This time give us a chance to prove you should only use professional hair care products at home. There is a major myth that professional hair care products will not provide you the same result as it did in a salon, in hands of a professional. Actually, with basic skills and relevant salon products, you can achieve great results at home. Another question that many people may ask themselves: is it worth the money?

Here are 5 reasons to convince you why professional hair care is worth its’ price:

1. Higher concentration of active ingredients

Active ingredients in professional hair care products are more concentrated therefore they are able to provide you with better results. Products in drugstores are watered down to reduce the price of a product and cannot perform as well as professional ones. Sometimes while using a cheaper product you are more likely to damage your hair rather than helping it.

2. Professional hair care is gentler for the scalp

Salon products use gentler cleansers in their compositions to avoid harshly removing natural oils, drying, and damaging your scalp. Natural beauty of your hair is important and it comes from having a healthy scalp and providing generous moisture to your hair. Drugstore brands do not highlight a priority of gentle and safe ingredients to lower their costs, so components in their products can be harmful.

3. Environment-friendly

Drugstore hair care creates more damage to an environment because you ran out of them faster than out of professional, concentrated ones causing more waste in landfills. Also, professional brands put more consideration into their packaging, production, use of ingredients to reduce carbon footprint and their impact on the natural environment. By purchasing professional hair care, you are also taking a small step towards reducing harmful effects on the earth. Our customers at T-LAB Professional are offered to responsibly consume products in specially designed durable flacons that are recyclable and refillable, protected by biodegradable carton packaging.

4. Specialized hair products

Professional hair care is highly differentiated to fit various hair types and needs. Your hair is unique and has different needs depending on such factors as season, styling, stress, nutrition, and others, therefore you should seek the most suitable product for you at that moment. Cheaper products are aiming to capture big audiences and that is why most of the time those products are designed to fit all types of hair and might not work for you or your hair condition. T-LAB Professional has an organic care line that includes 8 different collections designed to fit all hair needs including bleached, curly, colored, damaged, and others.

5. Free from dangerous ingredients

Harmful ingredients and regular usage of them can cause permanent and serious hair damage in a long run. That is why most professional hair care products avoid parabens, aluminum, talc, and other components in their composition. Our mission is to create safe, high-performance products that deliver visible results by using the power of natural ingredients. T-LAB Professional products are free from parabens, harsh sulfates, silicones, GMOs, and others.

This looks definitely enough to convince you to give a chance for professional hair care products and get rid of cheap shampoos and conditioners immediately. Always remember that healthy hair comes from a correctly treated scalp, responsibly chosen products for everyday care and nutrition. Let the good hair products be your next splurge and investment in safe, effective hair care.

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