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Lessons from Cosmoprof Baltic: How to Run a Successful Beauty Distribution Business

Natasha Balkuniene

T-LAB Professional is glad to introduce you our partner Natasha Balkuniene, founder and director of Cosmoprof Baltic (Lithuania). For 10 years, the company has been distributing professional cosmetics on various sales channels, including an online store. T-LAB Professional conducted an interview with Natasha about how her business works, what it is important to pay attention to when choosing cosmetics, and how she manages to combine a close-knit family and a successful business.

What motivated you to open company and why did you choose the beauty industry?

Having worked for 11 years in the beauty industry, we decided to create something of our own. When we first time started to operate on the market it was poorly developed. For the moment of opening Cosmoprof Baltic, we already had name and reputation. It was a pleasure for Cosmoprof Baltics that our customers were waiting for us and even now our best reward is recognition of the customers. Consequently, operating on the market already for 10 years, Cosmoprof Baltic is choosing T-LAB Professional products already for 3 years.

Why did you choose Cosmoprof Baltic as a name for the company?

This name was recommended by the person with whom we started the first business. Several years after we hired him at Cosmoprof Baltic as a responsible and highly trusted person. We decided that Cosmoprof is a good international name and Baltic was added, as we operate in the Baltic countries.

Natasha Balkuniene

What is the most important thing for you while choosing a brand that you intend to introduce to the customers?

We select brands very responsibly. Many companies offer to cooperate with us, but Cosmoprof is ready to sell products which we know firsthand, which we have tried by ourselves and researched. We have no goal of gaining a lot of product, either very expensive, or very cheap, or popular. For us, the main goal is a high-quality product. Not less important is also what kind of people we have to work with, and whether it is possible to build successful cooperation with them.

What distribution channels do you use? At what point did you decide to open your online store?

Cosmoprof Baltic begins to work with all brands from beauty salons. First of all, it is important for us to understand how the product works, and beauty salons have the opportunity to get quick and high-quality feedback on the product. And only after such testing has been done, we bring the product to the Internet and other distribution channels, since we already know a lot about the product and can give valuable recommendations to customers.

The most popular channels are the online store and professional points of sale. An online store appeared about 6 years ago, but it rather served as an information portal for customers, where they could learn more about the product and the company. However, over the past 2-3 years, the online store has become a separate business, in fact, a full-fledged sales channel.

What is your current online/offline sales ratio?

Now is the time when it is hard to provide valid data since the salons are just starting to open after a long break but we can say for sure that the online store has the highest sales figures.

What kind of advertising do you use in brand promotion and which do you think is the most effective?

For four years of intensive advertising we already know how and what kind of advertising works, thus, I can say that sincere and soulful advertising shows the best results. It all depends, of course, on your needs, what result you expect and what your overall expectations are.

What principle do you follow while choosing bloggers and the person who will represent your company?

We work both with agencies and individually. According to our first and most important requirement, before concluding an agreement a person must try our product and only having liked it we can cooperate. Following this requirement, we avoid all sorts of subsequent conflicts which may occur because of customer dissatisfaction and, in general, it is more honest. Cosmoprof Baltic began working with influencers 6-7 years ago when such a distribution channel was just emerging and the influencers advertised only what they liked. Years have passed and we still adhere to the same philosophy.

T-LAB Professional at Cosmoprof Baltic

What would you like to advise novice distributors: how to choose the right brand for the upcoming work?

Both for completely new players and for more experienced ones who introduce a new product to the market the same criteria exist. If you introduce to the market a product that you believe in, if you have goals, and most importantly, you are honest, sooner or later results will come and you will be proud of it.

What products are your best sellers?

Royal Detox and Natural Lifting. All T-LAB Professional products are good, our company loves and believes in this product. If you choose the right product individually for the needs of the client, then he or she will definitely like it.

How do you combine work and personal life? What inspires you in everyday life and influences your work in the future?

During quarantine, we had to replace workers, communicate more closely with partners, and this helped to understand the business much better. I am inspired by a comfortable working environment, as well as reading psychological, motivating books and, of course, the results achieved are inspiring. At the same time, for me the maintaining a balance between business and family is vitally important because family stands for the biggest part of my life, and when the pleasant atmosphere in the family reigns, then you will achieve success in everything else. I am very grateful to my family for their support. When a family is a team and you have a good team at work, then the results are appropriate.

We wish Cosmoprof Baltic prosperity in business!

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