Academy and Salons

Celebrating 25 years of VT Academy artistic and education tradition, T-LAB Professional honours
its rich history within modern hair colour & designs techniques, as well as inclusive skin-scalp-hair
care treatments with respect to multicultural world diversity.

Experience &

T-LAB Professional has been established
by international award-winning Beauty
Academy. After a number of years of
gaining valuable Beauty & SPA Salons
Experience and Academic Expertise,
we decided to naturally expand our
deep knowledge into the high-end
health and beauty products which
would deliver professional results
for everyone around the world.


#VTAcademy is our professional
heritage, our unique educational
platform and academic background
for the Brand establishment and
development. We are proud to create
T-LAB Professional inside award-
winning artistic and academic
environment which contributes to
Brand constant development
and innovations.

Signature Brand Design

VT Academy has deeply influenced Brand recognisable luxurious look with its creative academic
drive and passion for minimal-chic design, which have organically transformed into the remarkable
Brand design, inspiring us with award-winning VT Academy Beauty Collections.

Academy & Lab

This exclusive combination of Academy and the LAB contributes to natural and professional
effective products development and enables to introduce innovative, natural, scientifically
based Brand collections.

It also contributes to outstanding professional education development, as well as how-to tutorials creation
on professional beauty techniques, formulations transparency and effective at-home SPA rituals.

This is a unique combination of Academy gathering artistic and educational experience worldwide
and the LAB bringing its deep scientific approach, as well the knowledge of natural & organic
formulations development. Own in-house LAB and own Beauty Academy are the drivers for change
with the research and development strategy.


Academy is now operating in the
countries of the Brand presence in
Europe, America, Asia and Middle
East, being represented by the
International Team of the Brand
Ambassadors from all around the
world who educate locally and
internationally, both digitally and
on the stage.

T-LAB Brand Ambassadors gather
valuable customers feedback
worldwide enabling the Brand LAB
to create truly multiracial and
multicultural products with adaptive
formulas suitable for divers hair
types, skin tones, ages and genders.


Global Brand presence and
International Team of Professional
Brand Ambassadors contributes to
constant knowledge and customer’s
feedback gathering from all around the
world for the fast Brand development
and in-time adjustments.

This enables T-LAB Professional to be
ahead of time and satisfy the diverse
health & beauty needs of the Global


#VTAcademy provides contemporary professional education based on a combination of unique
training methods aimed at creating and enhancing stylists and customers health &beauty skills.
creating and enhancing stylists and customers health & beauty skills.

Educational Video

Education video and in-salon program
for professional stylists and beauticians
Check our T-LAB Professional YouTube
channel or contact our Ambassador
Coordinator to order in-salon or in-store/
mall seminar or show: the art of hair
colour organic care rituals how-to
video tutorials.

Video Program

Education video-program for result-
oriented customers.

Check after-salon home SPA
experience, knowledge on recent
beauty trends and innovations, as well
how-to create gorgeous looks on our

T-LAB Professional Youtube channel:
how-to enrich your personal beauty
product behind natural beauty
formulations after-salon spa rituals at
home inclusive skin-scalp-hair care
DIY gorgeous hair-look.