If you opened this article most probably you are familiar with such words as “dry hair”, “frizzy strands”, “split hair ends” and more. We feel your struggle, so today we are here to help you to learn everything about damaged hair treatment. Keep on reading as we reveal a healthy hair care routine, hair repair products and so much more about how to care for damaged hair correct and healthy way.

Causes of Hair Damage

Heat styling

Using hot tools for hair straightening, curling, or even blow drying can extremely damage the hair shaft. While opening up the hair cuticle and leaving hair looking very dry and dull. The only heat damaged hair treatment is heat protection spray or serum that is necessary before any contact with hot styling tools.

Chemical treatments

Like switching up your hair color? Then it’s time to take a break and let your hair heal. Dyeing hair strips away all the natural oils in your hair, therefore strands lose moisture and become prone to breakage and split hair ends. Dye less frequently and if it’s impossible, then consult a professional hairstylist on what products are the best for safe hair coloring.

Guide to Hair Repair

How to repair extremely damaged hair?

You must start by creating a unique hair care routine that contains: shampoo, conditioner, hair mask, serum, and hair oil designed to work for your hair type. After you find the best hair care products for you, start using them. Don’t ever skip conditioner and apply leave-in serum all the time, to protect hair from heat damage. Apply a strongly moisturizing hair mask once a week and avoid styling with hoot tools at any cost.

How to prevent further damage?

The Truth about Keratin Products

Are they good for your hair?

Often when asked what is the best product for damaged hair, people recommend keratin treatments. Keratin is a protein that makes up the majority of our hair structure. So applying keratin on hair that is lacking protein seems like a perfect solution for hair repair. The truth is that keratin can be derived from feathers, horns, or wool of different animals that makes a product NOT vegan. On top of that, animal-derived proteins won’t glue to the ones of humans, making keratin totally ineffective.

Protein treatment
The best option to gain lost proteins is to consume enough protein with your diet. Include more turkey, fish, chicken, nuts, and eggs into your diet to prevent split hair ends and breakage. To enrich your hair repair routine, try out hair care products with vegetal protein, meaning that proteins were derived from plants.