VT HOLDING and its Luxury Beauty Houses seek to attract, recruit and develop the most, whatever their level of experience. The diversity of our ecosystem offers each person unparalleled career opportunities, and therefore holds a definite appeal for candidates. Thanks to our exemplary sourcing and recruitment approach, the Group is widely recognized as a preferred employer.

The Group recruits exceptional people capable of combining pragmatic and creative thinking with an entrepreneurial mindset and international vision. We seek people who feel a strong affinity with high-quality products. Unsurprisingly, some candidates have a background in luxury, but others have worked in innovative sectors characterized by the creativity and uniqueness of its products and services, excellence in delivery, and the quality of customer service.


As we grow and expand, we need to attract and nurture the finest talent on every continent. External recruitment is a strategic pillar of our human resources policy. It is vital to bringing new energy to VT HOLDING.

VT HOLDING offers a unique environment dedicated to the performance and development of our Houses. Joining VT HOLDING means becoming part of an academy of talents and contributing, together, to the Luxury Beauty Houses. Are you a passionate professional who is ready for a new challenge? We are looking for a young and dynamic professional to join our team.

If you think you are looking for a new challenge and have the desire to work in the luxury hair care and cosmetics industry with a global company and meet our criteria, we are waiting to hear from you at

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Here You’ll Find a List of All The Positions Currently Open Within The Group And Its Houses

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PR Manager
London, Great Britain

Marketing and Communication Manager Assistant – Internship
Vilnius, Lithuania

International Sales Manager Assistant - Internship
Vilnius, Lithuania

Head of Regional Sales responsible for Kiev, Ukraine
Kiev, Ukraine

International Sales Manager Miami, USA London, Great Britain
Vilnius, Lithuania

Assistant to CEO and General Manager – Internship Miami, USA London, Great Britain
Vilnius, Lithuania

Assistant to CEO and General Manager – InternshipMiami, USA London, Great Britain
Vilnius, Lithuania

Junior Administration and Sales & Marketing Coordinator
Vilnius, Lithuania

Brand TechnicianLondon, Great Britain Milano, Italy
Hong Kong