Gender Neutral Brand

Transparent & Universal

In gender-neutral beauty, independence and inclusion are more relevant than masculinity or femininity. We embrace the diversity and moreover, it inspires us for product inclusivity. Today our consumers don’t belong to one origin, they have a mixed heritage. Whatever your skincare or lifestyle need, T-LAB Professional has it covered.

While crafting our formulations, we rely on a heterogeneous approach to make them truly genderless products created to perform on various hair and skin types around the world.

As ethnicities become ever more cosmopolitan, we have designed multicultural products that are made in Europe of globally sourced sustainable & fair-trade ingredients from 12 countries: Switzerland, France, Italy, USA, Japan, South Korea, Mexico, India, Australia, Bali, Morocco and Philippines.

Universal T-LAB Professional Products

Diverse by Nature
Integrated by Science

Our mission is to create safe, high-performance unisex and vegan inclusive beauty products suitable for all ages around the world, which deliver visible results driven by nature and integrated by scientific approach.

We have developed our products to be universal for all different hair textures and skin types offering more inclusive solutions respecting the diversity of our beauty consumer worldwide.

Furthermore, our new products are kids-friendly and pregnancy-friendly.